Welcome to the Meewasin Amateur Radio Society!

We have been active lately in many areas including ARISS, Field Day, D-STAR activity and we will be hosting the Saskatchewan Hamfest along with the Radio Amateurs of Canada AGM in 2015!  This is an exciting time to be involved with MARS.  Please join us at our next coffee break or meeting to learn more about us and maybe get active with the club! 

Next Club Meeting:

When: May 18, 2017

Location: German Concordia Club

Talk-in: 448.125- D-STAR

Agenda: Field Day

Upcoming Coffee Get-Togethers:        Breakfast Saturdays @ 8:30AM
                                      Jerry's Artisan Burgers
                                      844 51St Street East

Upcoming Events:

Field Day:    June 24-25, 2017

Field Day Resources: http://www.arrl.org/field-day                           

Social Media:

    Follow us on Twitter! @MeewasinARS

Live Repeater Feed:

If you don't have a D-STAR or Fusion radio, you can still tune into the various nets that we offer on our repeater systems.  Using an application such as VLC (www.videolan.org) you can stream the audio from here:

    Click for VA5DR 448.125 Repeater Audio

Latest News:

(February 26, 2017) VE5RNP Repeater Site has been visited.  MARS intends on implementing another tri-mode repeater covering Saskatoon with FM/C4FM and D-STAR capabilities.

(February 16, 2017) VE5RNP Call Sign
has been acquired by MARS in memory of Richard Powell, VE5RNP - SK.

(January 1, 2017) VE5MBX TRI-MODE REPEATER is now on the air in Martensville.  Repeater pages will be updated soon.

(January 4, 2016) IRLP Audio Fixed: As of yesterday, the horrible buzz that was in the path of the audio from the IRLP node has been cleaned up.  Feedback requested!

(January 17, 2015) Saskatchewan D-STAR Net: Join us each Sunday evening for the Saskatchewan D-STAR Net on XRF021B.  We meet at 2030hrs, local time or 0230UTC.  Topics vary from week to week but the net runs an hour to ninety minutes.

(January 17, 2015) VE5SKN Repeater on Fusion:  As of January 15, 2015, Meewasin Amateur Radio Society went live on Yaesu System Fusion; another first for MARS in Saskatchewan!  The System Fusion repeater is operating on test at the moment.  It is on 447.950 (-5M) and uses a 100.0Hz tone on FM, no special code on C4FM. 

For more information on System Fusion, check out this video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OlHNcTGrkPI&list=WL&index=7.

(July 25, 2014) VE5CC Repeater & IRLP Node: As of July 15th, the VE5CC repeater and IRLP were restored to operational.  The repeater suffered from a dead power supply and the node suffered from a computer that was 14 years old.  Everything seems to be operating fine.  If you observe any anomalies with audio or operation, please send an email to the list.

(July 25, 2014) MARS to host RAC AGM in 2015: We received word from our Midwest Director Derek Hay VE4HAY that MARS has been approved to host the Radio Amateurs of Canada AGM in 2015 in conjunction with the Saskatchewan Hamfest; dates are set for July 4 & 5th, 2015.  Mark it on your calendar now!

(June 2014) D-STAR in North Battleford: The VE5RAD 147.12+ repeater that went un-operational approximately a year ago has been repaired and is now back online with  DVRPTR v1.0 board instead of the previous GMSK modem that was causing problems.  The repeater still has limited operation until the duplexer can be re-tuned. 

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